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MICHELE FORINO was born on May 8 1972 a Bologna. Journalist since 2001, the passion for basketball was born on the court, "as a player" and reaching the "your" NBA in the challenges played in the evening at PalaDozza (Fortitudo house) and at the Porelli Gym (Virtus house) together with staff members, ex-players (some, authentic legends!) and journalists from the two great city rivals, one of the legends unknown to most of Basket City.

In Cesena he found a way to match his passion for basketball with that even more deeply rooted in him, to write. In the summer of 1989, at seventeen, gave birth all'house organ Lady Basket, telling the deeds of the players of Ahena Basket Cesena, Serie A1 Women's team that won the Scudetto 1990. Entered thepress office of the Club, he went on to tell about the official house organ Pressing the inevitable championship finals, but above all the European Cup 1991 and the Coppa Ronchetti 1994, following the team also away as a radio commentator. In parallel, through the "sliding doors" trains also taken three times a week on the Bologna-Cesena route, classical studies at the Liceo Ginnasio Minghetti and then the historical-humanistic studies at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Political Sciences, as well as sports promotions for Italian and European basketball events, including the NBA Camp and the European Championships 1999 in France.

Then, on the eve of the season 1996/1997, the landing in Fortitudo Pallacanestro. To stay fourteen years, eentering as a collaborator of the Press Office and then becoming Head of the Communication Area, Speaker for home matches and Official Radio commentator for Championship and Euroleague away matches. Beautiful years, on and off. The Italian Cup 1998 it is the first trophy in the history of the Club, followed by the two Scudetti in 2000 It is in the 2005, from the two Euroleague Final Four to Monaco in 2000 and in Tel Aviv in 2004, from the two Italian Super Cups in 2000 e 2006, but also of the Italian Cup and the Amateur Serie A Championship in 2010. Mostly, But, people and friendships count.

From a professional point of view, years of house organ Basket News, YearBook, games told through the microphone both as a speaker and as a radio commentator, programradio and television, as well as the invitation to speak as a speaker symposium of Euroleague in Barcelona and the one to act as Speaker at the Jordan Classic in Milan, In presence of Michael Jordan. A dream come true, the two books writings: Basile, One of us e Forti2do Champions of Italy, telling Gianluca Basile and the diary of the second tricolor. And the events: the Scudetto Festival presented at PalaDozza, with the celebratory DVD Instant Replay, and the withdrawal of the shirt of Gary Schull, the Baron forever.

In Fortitudo he was born the link with Zoran Savic. Which means everything that followed then: the new adventure of the sports management agency in Barcelona, INVICTUS Sports Group, then INVICTUS BOLOGNA A.S.D., with INVICTUS Camp e INVICTUS Academy, where his two children play Gianluca, born in 2005 e Alessandro, born in 2009.