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Art. 1) These Regulations, drawn up by the Executive Council of "INVICTUS BOLOGNA A.S.D." and approved by the shareholders on 24 March 2015, govern the conduct of activities that the aforementioned place in accordance with Article. 3 Articles of Association.

Art. 2) The Association formed a non-profit, It has the aim of promoting and developing amateur sports activities and in particular that of Basketball.

Art. 3) They can join the Association all those who are interested in the activities described in paragraph 2 as well as to the activities indicated in Article. 3 bylaws, submitting a request to the Executive Council, drawn up on the appropriate form to be requested by e-mail at the address info@invictusacademy.it.

Art. 4) Acceptance of the application by the Governing Council, leads, for the new Associate, the payment of dues which will valid for one year from 1 January to 31 December.

Art. 5) The possible refusal by the Board of Directors will be explicitly motivated.

Art. 6) At the new Associate membership card will be issued and the entity in which the association is affiliated, also including accident insurance.

Art. 7) Allowances for attendance of courses organized by the Association will be fixed by the Board annually.

Art. 8) To have free access to courses and other related activities, the Associate must:

- have paid the membership fee;

- having delivered a medical certificate in accordance with the Law;

Art. 10) The Association is not liable for damages that may occur to the Members as a result of injuries, accidents, diseases that have occurred to its members. In case of accident and emergency, the Associate will receive the necessary treatment and will be assisted and cared for by doctors and physiotherapists. In addition, the Association is not liable for damage caused by members to things and / or people and the loss of documents during the planned activities.

Art. 11) The Association accepts no liability for damages, theft or tampering inside the locker room, gyms, outdoor areas, cars and rooms.

Art. 12) Associates with the accession declare to know and abide by these Rules and undertake to indemnify and hold raised the Association and its co-obligors from all damages, both direct and indirect, they could, however and by whomever, People and things, including athletes, members instructors, coaches, carers, public, arise in connection dependency or use of the installations and accessories, raising the Association itself and its co-obligors from any and all action, claim, request (both judicial and extrajudicial both) It could still promote it and by anyone in relation to the practice of their sport. The Association is still achieved by the consequent risks to the plant management and the performance of sports activities, by concluding appropriate general liability insurance. The Associate waives any claim higher damages to the guaranteed maximum insurance.

Art. 13) The Member is entitled to be informed of the most relevant facts concerning the management, the development and guidance of the Association. To this end, the Member may request clarifications and information upon request to the President.

Art. 14) All Members must follow the rules of good manners, of proven morality, fairness in relationships and will not disrupt in any way the staff and the activities of other Associates.

Art. 15) The Associate is obliged to observe all the provisions of the Statute and of these Rules. The Associate has the rights conferred upon it by the Statute and these Regulations from the time when his application for admission has been accepted.

Art. 16) The Board has delegated the implementation of this Regulation and to resolve any type of measure in respect of Members who do not respect these Rules, in compliance with the Law and Statute.

Art. 17) Although not expected and mentioned in these Regulations, the provisions of the Statute as reported, in Book I of the Civil Code and in the alternative to the rules contained in Book V of the Civil Code. jurisdiction for any dispute will be to Bologna.

Art. 18) The present Regulations may be amended by the Assembly of Members.