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Friday 5 July 2024 Instant Forever Ruben will take place at the Villaggio della Salute Più, a day-event dedicated to Ruben Douglas, man-symbol of the Scudetto 2005 of Fortitudo for the Instant Replay shot, in the presence of teammates and staff members, organized by INVICTUS Academy. We will start in the morning with Tournament 3×3


The Master Coach of the second week of INVICTUS Camp 2024 X Edition, from Monday 15 Friday 19 July 2024, will be Luca Palmieri, Head Coach and Technical Manager of the women's basketball revelation company ASD Basketball Sisters, of which he was one of the founders, with an important past as a professional player in the role of point guard,
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The first Master Coach of INVICTUS Camp 2024 X Edition will be Sabrina Cinili, after a career as a professional player spent shooting hoops, both with the Clubs – really 10, in Italy, Türkiye and Spain, Euroleague included! – than with the Italian national team, of which she was Captain! Leader of great character, on the field and
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It will be the tenth edition of a journey that began in 2015, the technical specialization school founded by Zoran Savic, and this will make INVICTUS Camp X Edition even more special and full of surprises that will take us back over the years and at the same time introduce great news. The most important will be the Pro Level, Program of
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