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INVICTUS Camp 2022 MORE THAN EVER, Day 7. The big day has arrived, it's the day of the Finals and the All-Star Game! In the presence of the parents, who took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a day at sea - and enjoy a fish-based lunch! - the boys lived the epilogue of this with enthusiasm and emotion
INVICTUS Camp 2022 MORE THAN EVER, Day 6. The countdown towards the Finals is spontaneous, among the boys participating in the eighth edition, which is having a success beyond all expectations. It doesn't often happen to have two characters such as Adam Filippi and Aleksandar Ivkovic in a single week, with Ivan Cicchelli to act as a glue between the athletes
INVICTUS Camp 2022 MORE THAN EVER, Day 5. Last morning of work with Adam Filippi for the boys, that after the part of motor activation carried out by Aleksandar Ivkovic and Ivan Cicchelli on the seashore (wow!), then he focused on the art of Shooting, the shooting of which he is an absolute specialist, even at the level
INVICTUS Camp 2022 MORE THAN EVER, Day 4. Arrived in the middle of the week, after a busy morning of basketball, to take and embrace every single teaching proposed by a unique Coaching Staff such as the one constituted by Aleksandar Ivkovic, Adam Filippi and Ivan Cicchelli - there is something for everyone, from experiences in the NCAA to the NBA, a Dubai, Serbia,