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Monday 22 June 2020. INVICTUS Camp 2020, Day 11. The third week of this Edition Six opens with the ... "Sold Out!" Sold out, no seat available, and after the great success of the first two weeks, this result is an even bigger surprise. Even, Numerous requests are coming to know if there will be one
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Friday 19 June 2020. INVICTUS Camp 2020, Day 10. Tenth day completed, then closes the second week. An Edition Six that, we admit it, it is thrilling us beyond all expectations. It will be the thirst for being outdoors, hunger for basketball, the desire to go back to being together ... Many small, great things that, put together,
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Second week completed, e INVICTUS Camp 2020 it becomes more and more exciting! Mostly, the collaboration with Fortitudo Pallacanestro has given very strong emotions, such as the surprise visit by Meo Sacchetti, the new Head Coach of the Effe and Technical Commissioner of Italy. The arrival of the Coach has seen, then, the official presentation within what, since September
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Thursday 18 June 2020. INVICTUS Camp 2020, Day 9. One step away from double figures, the work of the participating athletes and mini-athletes continues unabated. Basketball technique, Exercises in Motor and Athletics, plus the No-Contact Soccer .... A mix of "information" that kids and children assimilate more every day, thanks also to the formula
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